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Investing in Science and Technology

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Office of Science and Technology Policy

December 7, 1995

Investing in Science and Technology

The President's 7-year balanced budget plan builds on the Administration's record of success in cutting the deficit. It invests in education and training and other priorities, protects such vital programs as Medicare and Medicaid, and cuts taxes for middle-income Americans. While this plan cuts domestic discretionary spending by $250 billion over the next 7 years, the President's budget proposal still makes more funding available for investing in science and technology than the Republican budget he vetoed.

The President's plan makes a high priority of investing in science and technology to increase economic productivity and raise living standards and the quality of American life. The plan calls for a balanced mix of investments in basic research, applied research, and technology development. Compared with the Republican balanced-budget proposal, the President's plan:

  • adds funds for biomedical and behavioral research at the National Institutes of Health;

  • adds funds for basic research and education at the National Science Foundation;

  • adds funds for basic research at NASA (including Mission to Planet Earth);

  • adds funds for important technology programs, including the Advanced Technology Program (ATP) and the Technology Reinvestment Project (TRP);

  • increases funding for the operating program of the Environmental Protection Agency, including global climate change research, promotion and development of technologies to clean up and protect the environment, and understanding and protecting sensitive ecosystems; and

  • increases funding for education and training programs like Goals 2000 that will help school systems provide the learning necessary for our children to enter a high-technology future in the 21st century.

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