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NASA's Triana Mission

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Office of Science and Technology Policy

For Immediate Release 
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March 8, 2000

Statement of Neal Lane
Assistant to the President for Science and Technology
NASA's Triana Mission

 The National Academy of Sciences report, released today, on NASA's Triana mission validates the strong scientific merit of a satellite that will transmit continuous pictures of a full sunlit Earth to the world via television and the Internet.

 This rigorous analytic review, undertaken by some of the nation's most distinguished scientists at the request of Congress, determined that Triana is a technologically sound, feasible, and unique scientific mission that will enhance our understanding of the earth's energy balance and how it affects our climate systems. The scientists noted that Triana's potential impact was sufficiently valuable to Earth science that such a mission might have been viewed as an earlier NASA priority.

 The panel concluded that Triana's costs are reasonable and that the mission has potential to stimulate valuable scientific discoveries.  Triana is worthy of bipartisan Congressional support and should not be kept earthbound -- instead it should fly as scheduled next year.

 The full report is available at www.nap.edu.

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