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David Hamburg Introduction

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Introduction by Jessica Tuchman Mathews

I thought as I listened, as I have on many previous occasions, that there is no one with a broader knowledge or a greater personal wisdom who better connects the insights of basic social science with the formation and the demands of national security policy than David Hamburg.

Our next speaker I think is very well known to probably almost everybody in the room, although it is probably not so well known that he began his Washington career as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education under President Nixon, actually as a White House Fellow under President Johnson, I should say.

Since then, Tim Wirth has served six terms in the House and one in the Senate, one by choice, I should add, where he focused, particularly in the House, on telecommunications policy and on fostering greater competition in that sphere, and both in the House and Senate on a very broad range of energy and environmental issues.

He also picked up an interest from his academic career, he got a Ph.D. in Education and Economics, and along with Senator Heinz created a really ground-breaking framework for folding economic considerations into environmental analysis.

Tim Wirth is currently serving as Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs, where he has a small portfolio including population, environment, migration, refugees, human rights, democracy, narcotics, terrorism, and a few other odds and ends.

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