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Gene Bottoms

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Gene Bottoms
Senior Vice President
Southern Regional Education Board

Gene Bottoms is director of the Southern Regional Education Board's High Schools That Work program, the largest effort in the United States to improve high schools for career-bound students. Currently, over 950 high schools in 22 states are participants in the program, and many more are adopting the goals and key practices of the program.

Prior to his work with SREB, Mr. Bottoms served as executive director of the American Vocational Association, where he emphasized academics in vocational education. He has also served as director of Educational Improvement for the Georgia Department of Education, where he oversaw improvement efforts in the same field. Mr. Bottoms has also been a local school teacher, principal, and guidance counselor.

In 1995, Secretary of Education Richard Riley appointed Mr. Bottoms to the National Educational Research Policy and Priorities Board. This board helps to create and evaluate a national consensus with respect to a long-term agenda for educational research, development and dissemination. In the same year, he received the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education, an award presented annually to individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge through education.

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