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A Vision for the 21st Century - Foreign Policy Accomplishments

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Foreign Policy: World's Strongest Force for Peace, Freedom and Prosperity

Promoting Peace and Strengthening Democracy

  • Advancing peace in the Middle East by brokering peace agreements between Israel and its neighbors, including the Palestinians and Jordan; negotiating the Wye River Accords; supporting the launch of final settlement negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians; and revitalizing peace talks between the Syrians and Israelis.
  • Ended a decade of repression and reversed ethnic cleansing in Kosovo by leading NATO alliance to victory in 79-day air war against Serb forces, forcing their withdrawal, ushering in international peacekeepers, and launching the Stability Pact to strengthen democracy, prosperity and integration throughout the Balkans.
  • Helped broker the Good Friday Peace Accord in Northern Ireland, ending decades of bloodshed and empowering the people of Northern Ireland to determine their future.
  • Led diplomatic efforts to end the civil war and foster multi-ethnic democracy in Bosnia.
  • Restored democracy in Haiti, ending military dictatorship and stopping refugee flows.
  • Supporting transitions to democracy in South Africa, Nigeria and Indonesia, and mediating peace efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, and Ethiopia-Eritrea.
  • Helped end violence and protected democracy in East Timor by leading diplomatic efforts and supporting international peacekeeping mission.
  • Helped settle the Peru-Ecuador border dispute and end civil war in Guatemala.
  • Pressing for human rights and religious freedom worldwide, including in China, Burma and Sudan.

Combating Threats

  • Protecting Americans from weapons of mass destruction by working to reduce Russian nuclear arsenals through START, eliminating nuclear weapons from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, easing nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan, signing the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and achieving the indefinite extension of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention.
  • Enhancing military stability in Europe by successfully concluding the adapted Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty.
  • Combating terrorism by developing a national counter-terrorism strategy, appointing a national coordinator and striking terrorist targets in Afghanistan and Sudan.
  • Waging war on drugs by intensifying interdiction efforts, strengthening cooperation with allies, cracking down on drug lords and seeking $1.3 billion in assistance for Colombia.
  • Reducing North Korean threat through deterrence, including the forward deployment of 37,000 U.S. troops; diplomacy, including bilateral talks leading to a moratorium on long-range missile testing; and non-proliferation, including the eventual dismantling of North Korea's dangerous nuclear facilities.
  • Containing Iraq through deterrence, economic sanctions, over $20 billion in humanitarian assistance for the Iraqi people from the oil-for-food program, and support for popular opposition to Saddam Hussein's regime.
  • Addressing new threats by protecting America's critical infrastructure from cyber-terrorism and biological and chemical weapons.
  • Development of a limited national missile defense to protect against attacks from states that threaten international peace and security while preserving strategic stability with Russia.
  • Strengthening military readiness and modernizing our armed forces.

Strengthening Alliances and Building Partnerships

  • Fulfilling vision of an undivided, democratic and peaceful Europe by enlarging NATO, integrating Southeast Europe, and strengthening our partnership with Russia.
  • Building a more constructive relationship with China through engagement and frank dialogue, leading to cooperation on non-proliferation and regional security, environmental protection.
  • Deepening security alliance with Japan through adoption of Defense Guidelines and Joint Security Declaration.
  • Strengthening cooperation with South Korea through jointly offered Four Party Peace Talks with North Korea and the establishment of Trilateral Consultation and Oversight Group to coordinate North Korea policy.
  • Secured landmark agreements to develop oil and gas pipelines from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, strengthening ties in the region and ensuring Americans have continued access to vital natural resources.
  • Expanding trade and strengthening democracy in Asia and Latin America through the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum and the Summit of the Americas.
  • Strengthening ties with Africa by launching the new Partnership for Economic Growth and Opportunity, achieving passage of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, and supporting the Africa Crisis Response Initiative and other regional peacekeeping efforts.
  • Preserved U.S. leadership role at the United Nations by reaching agreement with Congress that would enable us to pay $1 billion in back dues.

Expanding Prosperity

  • Opening markets for U.S. exports abroad and creating American jobs through NAFTA, GATT and nearly 300 other free and fair trade agreements.
  • Integrating China into the world economy through landmark agreement for China's entry into the World Trade Organization that opens markets to U.S. exports, slashes Chinese tariffs, and protects American workers from dumping.
  • Established World Trade Organization to reduce tariffs, settle trade disputes, and enforce rules.
  • Reduced the possibility that a future Asian financial crisis would undermine America's prosperity by promoting structural reform -- including sound monetary policies, urging banking reforms and fighting corruption abroad.
  • Stimulating worldwide growth through support for the IMF and G-8 global economic strategy.
  • Assisted Mexico's economic recovery with $20 billion in emergency support loans.
  • Forgave $500 million in African debt, announced initiative to link debt relief to health and education investments, and forged agreement among G-8 industrialized countries to provide additional debt relief.

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