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Testimony of OMB Officials. Index of testimony is listed by date in reverse chronological order with links to the full text of the submitted statement.

Statements of Administration Policy (SAPs) on legislation scheduled for House or Senate floor action. Indices of these statements are listed by bill number with links to the full text of the statements as transmitted to Congress. Each statement is current as of the date it was transmitted and has not been updated to reflect subsequent action.

Agencies' Communications to Congress. Links to web sites of other agencies which display testimony presented to Congress, as well as other information.

Pay-As-You-Go Reports on direct spending or receipts legislation within seven days of enactment. An estimate of "PAYGO" Balances is also available.

Appropriations 7-Day-After Reports on appropriations legislation within seven days of enactment.

(NOTE: Electronic versions of OMB documents are intended to provide broad public access to the text of OMB directives and other key information. These electronic versions should not, however, be treated as authoritative. The only official versions of these documents are printed or hard copy materials obtained from the White House Publications Office and/or from official OMB sources.)

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