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One America - American Institute of Managing Diversity

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One America

Program: American Institute of Managing Diversity, Atlanta, GA
Contact(s): Sharon Parker, President: (404) 302-9226
Purpose: To expand human consciousness and drive the practice of diversity management by the development and dissemination of knowledge

Background Program Operations Outcomes


The American Institute of Managing Diversity is a 14-year-old nonprofit public interest organization that seeks to study and influence trends in diversity training. The organization was founded in 1984 by Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas and deals with the many different approaches to achieving diversity such as affirmative action initiatives and diversity management.

Program Operations

In its first decade, the American Institute of Diversity Management (AIMD) set the pace for examining and addressing diversity issues. AIMD developed and disseminated a model for diversity management that includes understanding the cultural roots of an organization, the inclusion of diversity management into an organization's mission, vision, goals and objectives and creating an environment where a diverse workforce is valued. AIMD has identified three key guidelines to implement a more effective approach to address diversity issues. These include connecting the organization's mission and the goals to diversity initiatives, ensuring that a successful model is used to achieve the appropriate results and sustaining progress through organizational change.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

Over the course of 13 years, the American Institute of Diversity Management has worked with many organizations on launching and sustaining diversity programs. AIMD has also developed several publications, including the Foundations of Managing Diversity, Diversity and Organizational Culture, and Diversity and Action Options. Currently, AIMD is working with over 35 organizations by providing diversity training. For more information, look at AIMD's Website at www.aimd.org.

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