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One America - DIALOGO: An Education Program to Improve Human Relations

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One America

Program: DIALOGO: An Education Program to Improve Human Relations, Raleigh, N.C.
Contact(s): Aura Camacho Maas, Executive Director: (919) 870 5272
Purpose: To use art to educate people about racial stereotypes

Background Program Operations Outcomes


DIALOGO: An Education Program to Improve Human Relations, began in 1980 under the auspices of the Latin American Resource Center (LARC). Between 1992 and 1994, LARC approached urban and rural communities and the public schools in Raleigh to plan and implement a year-long program, called the Latin American Community Education Program (LACE). LACE was a catalyst for local and international artists and other program participants to work together and celebrate their shared cultures. In 1994, LACE won the North Carolina Best Arts in Education Program Award. Since then, LARC changed its program name to DIALOGO. Its general purpose is to provide an educational forum through artwork to discuss the value of culture, ethnicity and race in America.

Program Operations

DIALOGO functions as a catalyst for the development of human relations and education initiatives. The program offers teachers diversity training workshops, a multidisciplinary curricular unit, a traveling art exhibit, and a cultural artistic performance. The workshops encourage self-reflection and dialogue among people from different races, genders, and ages. They also foster learning about Latin American cultures and the United States. Working with the traveling exhibit, teachers are able to see beyond their own stereotypes and focus on what they need to do to address all of the students in their classroom. The program also enables students to present their viewpoints and be heard.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

To date, about 10,000 students and 300 teachers have participated in the DIALOGO program. As a result of DIALOGO, several teachers have noted the importance of teaching about contemporary Latin American history.

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