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One America - Citizens Upholding Racial Equality

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One America

Program: Citizens Upholding Racial Equality, Fremont, OH
Contact(s): James B. Fails, (419) 334-3309
Purpose: To engage in interracial dialogue as a catalyst for positive action

Background Program Operations Outcomes


Citizens Upholding Racial Equality (C.U.R.E.) was created in October 1996 by the First Presbyterian Church of Fremont, Ohio. At the suggestion of Pastor Doug Nagle, parishioner Stanley Johnson and other volunteers from the congregation organized a diverse group of people from the Fremont community to join the church's regular study group. It soon became clear to early participants that the study group offered valuable insights, especially on the subject of race. The group then strengthened its organization by forming C.U.R.E., devoting itself to discussing racial issues in the Fremont community.

Program Operations

C.U.R.E.'s primary activity is its weekly discussion on race that takes place Monday evenings at the First Presbyterian Church of Fremont. The meetings are informal, and community members of all ages are encouraged to attend. In order to encourage positive dialogue, a set of rules and guidelines are observed by all discussion participants. C.U.R.E. has also been active in the community, helping to start the Minority Recruitment Program that promotes racial and cultural diversity within the city's school system. It is fast becoming a respected authority on diversity in Fremont.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

C.U.R.E. has succeeded in creating productive dialogue on race-related issues that have catalyzed the Fremont community. For example, C.U.R.E. helped sponsor pre-election discussions on race with candidates for county and state offices. Members of C.U.R.E. have also advised the local school system and Juvenile Justice System. The discussion group participants have gained important understanding and friendships among people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds who live in Fremont but with whom they would not otherwise have close contact. In addition, participants have visited sites that have helped to educate them about race-related topics such as the living conditions of the local Latino farm workers and the Juvenile Detention Agency.

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