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National Medal Winner - Montana

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PHOTO: Collage of the World Today Montana Lewis and Clark Elementary School, Great Falls
"I asked the students to bring a picture of one thing that they thought of when they thought of today. We then put them together in the form of a collage which represents what we think of the world today." Photos cut from magazines include toys, technology, and political leaders both domestic and foreign. List of images: A tank; President Clinton; Satellite dish; A young man skateboarding; Nintendo; (Unidentifiable) computer toy; Pokémon; Lean Cuisine; A flag pillow; A newspaper pie chart grahic about whether or not government does a good job or not; A VCR; A c computer; A cell phone; A video camera; A cordless phone; Fidel Castro; A national weather map from a newspaper; A convertible; Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams under title "Northern Ireland"

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