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PHOTO: Teacher of the Year Award Missouri Leland O. Mills Elementary School, Lake Ozark
Honor the past-Imagine the future
"As my class and I ponder the achievements of the past century, the task of choosing just one specific accomplishment or event seems overwhelming. However, most of my second graders thought that the computer was on of the most important to mention.

"My class enjoys interacting with the computer through CD-ROM's, the Internet, e-mail, and other software programs. The computer has made a wealth of information available to my students. They can read about countries, talk with students from those countries, correspond daily with them and truly bridge many cultural differences.

"The computer has enabled the United States to create a vast information network, not only creating a link between countries, states and cities; but also to the stars. My students can talk with astronauts as they orbit the earth or adjust to living in the space station, hundreds of miles above earth. It has enabled us to be a part of just a bout any historical moment.

"From the computer to chip, we have had an explosion of technology. We have moved from room size computers to hand held educational games, CD players, and videos. My class believes that in the next century everything will revolve around the use of computers-travel, food, and communication. By speaking a word we will be given dinner, speak with someone without lifting a finger, and travel to the moon in a matter of minutes. We believe that the computer can help bridge differences between countries, bring about understanding, and world peace.

"By supplying information and statistics about diseases into a computer, treatments and cures may be found. We hope that cures for many diseases will be found in the next 100 years.

"We look forward to experiencing life in the new millennium. Maybe we'll see you on Mars-let's have lunch."

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