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School Administrative District Eight Report Maine Vinalhaven High School,Vinalhaven
"Technology has improved the quality of life for those entering the 21st century. How much farther can it possibly take us, and how much far do we want to go?

"The population has experienced almost a fifty- percent increase within the last thirty years. It is scary to think that in 50 years there will be 12 billion people living in the world. Will there be a shortage of resources? If everyone does not make resolving this problem a common goal, the answer is yes. The effects of these problems on our country's education system could be disastrous. With the increasing number of students in the population, schools will need constant upgrading to meet the need of so many students. The increase in student population would require higher financing to give students a fitting education for the new age.

"Maybe this idea won't even be a problem for the students in the 21st century. Perhaps, actual school buildings will be abolished. Learning might be accomplished in the students' home through computers and advanced technology. Teachers could teach their lessons to hundreds of different classes throughout the country and possibly the world from their home offices. This concept would definitely be a potential solution for the growing population and advanced in technology, but would it be the best? Social interaction among fellow students and their teachers would be nonexistent. Would the ‘classics' of literature still be around and for that matter would students be reading from books at all? These are serious concerns for the future of education.

"Although technology has enhanced learning in the 20th century, enough is enough. The consequences of too much technology are too much to deal with too fast. If we try to slow things down, there will be more time to deal with this country's problems."

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