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A coconut Guam John F. Kennedy High School, Tamuning
"Our class discussed many things that represent America at the end of the 20th century. Living on an island and with many of our children coming from islands throughout the Pacific, the coconut tree holds much symbolism for us. The tree, like our country, is bountiful and life-giving. It has provided many people with shelter, food, clothing, utensils, and tools. It is strong like America, withstanding the battering of typhoons and tropical storms as it bends with the winds. Like our land, it is prolific and fertile, continually replenishing itself with new trees, even with disease and increased population. It is our symbol of life and hope.

"Additionally, our class felt that the symbols of America and some of our advancements still hold meaning and are representative of our country.

U. S. Flag . . . our freedom and liberty
Bald Eagle . . . strength, courage, and dominance . . . our qualities are rare and must be cherished
Statue of Liberty . . . the opportunities in America
Constitution . . . fair for everyone, rich or poor . . . minimal changes in the past 200 years
Rocket . . . the advancements in technology . . . progress is limitless
United Nations . . . despite differences, people can still come together
Bible . . . God's word for people . . . religion is a powerful force for people throughout our country and the world and provides us comfort for what is yet unknown"

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