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National Medal Winner - John N. Bahcall

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National Medal Winner

PHOTO: Eagle Nebula Bahcall, John N., National Medal of Science, 1998
Color photo of Eagle Nebulae taken from the Hubble Telescope
"The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the great achievements of mankind and is a result of many of the finest aspects of American civilization working together. The successful development and operation of the Hubble Observatory has required the technical skills of many dedicated workers in industry and government, great bravery and resourcefulness in earth orbit displayed for all the world to see by astronauts, the ability of the nation's leaders to focus resources on important projects of lasting benefit, and exceptional scientific insight and leadership...It has united the world in admiration of the richness of the universe. Therefore, I recommend for inclusion in the National Time Capsule a striking image of stars being born and revealed that was taken with the Hubble Telescope. I enclose a reproduction of this image of the Eagle Nebulae. The images provided by the Hubble Telescope represent a contribution to human culture comparable to the pyramids of Egypt, except that the Universe is more beautiful and complex than the pyramids."

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