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Alaska Seward Middle School, Seward
"The greatest thing that America has done to change the world is the Advancement of technology. We are surrounded by examples of the way our use of computers and communication systems have changed the world. This document is produced, spell checked, revised and set in a fancy font on using a 'simple' tool that every child is familiar with and most families have, a computer. When it is finished it will be sent from this same computer via email to a site across the continent in seconds, via the Internet.

"How quickly we have learned to send mail, shop, and research over this strange almost magic system that connects every major city in every continent on Earth. The Internet is great technology but it is also the product of our technology that has given jobs to computer programmers and salespeople, truckers, builders and scientists. The computers that let us see pictures on Mars also let us see inside peoples heads and keep our cars running smoothly.

"The incredible technology of America has made the world a marketplace and home to many people who can travel and communicate like never before. We can carry music around on CDs and watch movies on DVD. We can save our pictures on discs and even make fake pictures that only experts can tell aren't real. There is now more ability to solve problems like cancers, pollution and traffic as well as to play games on play stations and computers. With electronic technology we can buy our groceries, get money from the ATM and figure out what's wrong with our car.

"Of all things that are a part of modern America, electronic technology is by far the most important in how it affects our day to day lives and our understanding of the world."

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