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Crime Solving Technologies to Improve Community Safety

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While the Administration has already funded over 100,000 additional police officers on the street, and proposed to fund up to an additional 50,000, it is also important that State and local law enforcement are equipped with effective crime-solving technologies. These technologies improve our law enforcement officials' ability to protect public safety.

The Administration's FY 2001 Budget provides $125 million to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of criminal history records. The FY2001 Budget will provide $70 million for states to improve the quality and immediate accessibility of these records and ensure that offenders cannot escape the efforts of police between states due to gaps in technology. These funds also will assist states in integrating their systems with those operated by the Justice Department's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This will help ensure that the most accurate information is available to contribute to the national sex offender registry and facilitate presale checks on prospective handgun purchasers and employment checks on child and elder care workers.
  • Improve the capabilities of State and local crime labs. The Budget provides $35 million in grants to State and local government agencies to improve their investigative and analytic capabilities in the area of forensic science. Funding will also be used to provide research, technical assistance, and training to help inform agencies about what lab capabilities are available nationwide and to provide guidance on what types of equipment to purchase. Of this total, $5 million is targeted to Indian Country.
  • Reduce the DNA Sample Backlog. $15 million is requested to reduce the DNA sample backlog of one million convicted offenders at State and local crime labs. This will improve the ability of law enforcement to match crime scene DNA to the FBI's national database (CODIS). The Budget includes an additional $5 million for DNA technology research and development, to develop technology tools that make DNA testing faster, cheaper, and better.

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