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Videotaped Remarks by the President to the People of Africa

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Trip to Africa

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THE PRESIDENT: To all our friends in Africa, let me sayhow very much I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip. I'll travelto Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana, and Senegal. It will be areal privilege for me to be the first American President to visitthose countries.

This journey will be my opportunity, and yours, to helpto introduce the people of the United States to a new Africa -- anAfrica whose political and economic accomplishments grow moreimpressive each month. I want to see for myself what America canlearn from Africa and how we can work with you as partners to build abetter future for all our children.

As I visit your countries and meet your leaders andcitizens, I'll have in mind four central goals for us to work towardtogether. First, we want to support Africa's democracies -- thosewith long and proud histories, and those that are newly emerging.Together we can create a global community of nations that respect andpromote human rights, tolerance, and broad participation in publiclife.

Second, we want to increase trade and investment withAfrica. When it comes to economic development, America and Africacan help each other, opening markets, building businesses, creatingjobs on both continents. A prosperous future awaits us if westrengthen the economic ties between our countries and give all ourpeople the education and training they need to succeed in this newglobal economy.

But democracy and prosperity are threatened where thereis violence, so our third goal is to look for ways to work inpartnership with the nations of Africa to prevent armed conflict.Ethnic and political violence continues to plague parts of Africa.Together we can, and we must, find solutions.

Fourth, the United States wants to play a role inpreserving Africa's majestic natural beauty and wildlife, andensuring sustainable development of Africa's natural resources. Thenations of the world must continue to cooperate and avoidenvironmental destruction and to leave a rich heritage to ourchildren.

There are many other areas where we can progress aspartners -- improving nutrition and health care, eradicating diseaseslike AIDS and malaria, empowering women, fighting crime and drugs,expanding civic and cultural ties across the ocean. With the 21stcentury fast approaching, Africa, the cradle of human civilization,is forging a vibrant future for itself with new leaders, newopportunities, and new hope. The core values that are drivingAfrica's renaissance -- democracy, diversity, free enterprise --those are the values that the United States shares.

My wife Hillary, my daughter Chelsea, the entire UnitedStates delegation and I look forward to being with you and sharingour experience with the American people.

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